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toa private party

Private Parties

The perfect venue for your next party!

toa dance

Dance night

Every Friday and Saturdays and Sunday Dance night

toa mealss

African Meals

Fresh and healthy ingredients , served in an African atmosphere


Taste of Africa is opened during the week from Tuesdays, serving delicious meals in a very unique and exclusive atmosphere. We are proud to to be the first to introduce African , continental, and English breakfast for our clients. 

Friday night

Friday is entertainment night.After or during dining, our customers are treated to a variety of music genry by our in house or guest DJ  untill closing time which is 3 am

Saturday night

Saturday nights are a mixture of entertaiment programmes, or simply a celebratory occaision by our customers of which every one can join in. 

Sunday Night

Sunday is special African night with food, dance, meet old and make new friends on the backdrop music of latest in Afro vibes,R&B with our resident and guest Dj,s. It is an experience not to be missed 

Taste of Africa Events

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African Meals

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Develstein 100 F, 1102AK Amsterdam Zuidoost

T: +316 438 440 42

E: info@tasteofafrica.nl

W: http://tasteofafrica.nl/

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